Brilliant Distinctions

Brilliant Distinctions points are even more brilliant this June!

Briliant Distinctions

Points Match 

Book your Botox treatment this June

and we will match the value of your

Brilliant Distinctions points

up to 500 points

For a limited time
200 points are worth 400 points
300 points are worth 600 points
400 points are worth 800 points
500 points are worth 1000 points
Double your savings with our June BD Point Match*
* Cannot be combined with any other offers except Brilliant Distinctions; Value of point match is up to 500 points equaling $50 in value; Individuals with more than 500 points in their Brilliant Distinctions account may redeem them, however, the value of the points over 500 will not be matched; Offer valid for appointments for Botox treatments 35 units or more received 6/1/18 through 6/29/18

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