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Are you looking for a better way than crunches and leg lifts to achieve better muscle definition? Your solution may be easier than you think.

CoolSculpting® has been safely used for years to help men and women remove unwanted pockets of fat from the abdomen. Now, a revolutionary new treatment known as CoolTone™ can take your CoolSculpting® results up a level by tightening and toning the muscle for a sculpted midriff, tighter buttocks, or firmer thighs.

What Are the Benefits of CoolTone™?


Noticeable Muscle Definition

While several non-surgical and surgical cosmetic treatments can remove stubborn fat pockets, there are not many that can strengthen the underlying muscle structure. CoolTone™ improves and defines muscle definition so you can feel comfortable baring your curves.

No Sweat Required

To achieve muscle definition at the gym, most men and women need to spend hours a day at a gym. While this is a possibility for some, not everyone has that kind of time available. CoolTone™ allows men and women to strengthen their muscles without losing time or sweat.

Free of Downtime

CoolTone™ is a simple, in-office procedure that is free of surgical incisions and downtime. Patients can return to work and their normal day-to-day activities immediately after their session. There are no restrictions following this muscle-enhancing treatment.

CoolTone™ Versus Emsculpt®


If you have searched for cosmetic ways to build muscles and enhance tonal definition, you may have come across a different procedure: Emsculpt®.

Emsculpt®, like CoolTone™, is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment for the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms.

While these two toning treatments can both provide a fitter physique, they use different technologies.

• CoolTone™ uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to stimulate involuntary contractions. During this treatment, electromagnetic energy penetrates the muscles, causing them to contract and relax in rapid pulses. This allows for the significant toning and definition of the treatment areas.

• Emsculpt® uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to stimulate super-rapid muscle contractions and increase muscle mass.

There is no denying that these treatments are similar. So, what is the difference and which is better for you?

Well, CoolTone™ offers 50 percent more magnetic intensity than Emsculpt®, allowing for more significant muscle stimulation.

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What Is the CoolTone™ Process?


Men and women who are interested in CoolTone™ should be close to their ideal body weight and fitness goals. This procedure works best on those at a healthy body weight.


CoolTone™ is a powerful magnetic muscle therapy that provides results that even hundreds of sit-ups or hours at the gym cannot.

The CoolTone™ applicator is placed over the stomach, buttocks, or legs, where it administers powerful magnetic pulses that cause the muscles to contract. These contractions that are deep within the muscle layer cause the muscles to tighten, just as they would with crunches, squats, or other exercises. However, these contractions are at a level that most people cannot achieve on their own.

Your body's reaction to the contraction strengthens the muscle fibers, giving you a lean and toned appearance.

Each CoolTone™ session increases the overall muscle tone and the definition of each targeted muscle group.


It can take several sessions, and about four months, for the final results to appear.

Most CoolTone™ patients undergo an initial four to six treatment sessions over a two to three week period. Following this, maintenance treatment sessions are recommended to keep your results noticeable and your body firm.

You will see a gradual increase in the definition of the targeted areas during the treatments. CoolTone™ has a cumulative effect, so as the muscle fibers become stronger, you will see greater results.



Unlike more invasive procedures, there is no downtime or recovery period after your CoolTone™ session.
CoolTone™ is an outpatient treatment, and many people go back to work immediately following the procedure.


CoolTone™ is a non-surgical treatment that does not require any incisions. Therefore, there will be no scarring after your CoolTone™ sessions.


The cost of your CoolTone™ procedure will vary depending on the size of the treatment area and the number of treatments you require. You will be given an accurate price quote during your consultation at Thompson Center for Plastic Surgery.


You may feel a little soreness after CoolTone™, which will be similar to the feeling after an intense workout, but you will experience no downtime or recovery period. You may take over-the-counter pain medication for soreness, such as ibuprofen or TYLENOL®. The soreness should lessen with each treatment, as your muscles adapt and become stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

While CoolTone™ is available for both men and women who need a little help achieving the look they desire, it is not intended for significant weight loss. Candidates should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations of their results.
A consultation is essential to your CoolTone™ treatment. During this meeting, your provider at Thompson Center for Plastic Surgery will evaluate your physique and medical history to determine if you are a candidate for CoolTone™. They will also inform you on how many treatment sessions you can anticipate.
CoolTone™ is a muscle-strengthening and enhancing treatment, not a fat removal treatment. While you will look for fit and toned after this procedure, it will not remove pockets of fat.
Sometimes CoolTone™ is beneficial after a CoolSculpting® treatment to enhance the tone of the area that underwent fat removal.
CoolTone™ is not a substitute for diet and exercise, and if you do not keep up with a fitness routine, then the results can fade. Typical results last about three to six months, although with ongoing treatment and working out on your own, you may see longer-lasting results.
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