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Liposuction Surgery

Sculpting the ideal physical figure is not as easy as Michelangelo made it seem. Sometimes even the strictest diets, detoxing cleanses, and rigorous exercise routines simply aren’t enough. If you’ve tried every trick in the book but still haven’t succeeded in achieving your ideal body, liposuction could be exactly what you need. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can remove stubborn fat deposits to sculpt your body into your ideal physical figure. By directly targeting your trouble areas, liposuction can help tone your figure and bolster your confidence and self-image. Dr. Rudolf Thompson is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who is passionate about helping his patients achieve their cosmetic ideals.

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What Do You Desire?

Slimmer Contours

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones blessed with a fast metabolism or a naturally trim physique, it may be fairly easy for you to gain weight and pack on stubborn fat. Trimming away excess body fat is easier said than done, but rather than beat yourself up with regret, take advantage of a resource that is proven to be helpful in this cause. Liposuction can target pockets of stubborn fat to help you achieve the slimmer body contours you desire.

Body Sculpting

Losing weight can be just what you need to improve your health and well-being. Unfortunately, “stubborn fat” is so-named because it is the last place your body will pull the excess weight from. When losing weight, the pounds tend to come off generally from the whole body. The weight may even come off of areas you don’t want it to, such as the breasts or buttocks, instead of the abdomen, upper arms, thighs, and other stubborn areas. Liposuction targets these areas directly so that you can tone your body according to your desires.

Fat Loss

For too many people, the goal is “weight loss,” not “fat loss.” Weight loss is only a reduction in the size of fat cells, not the amount. Liposuction permanently removes fat from the body, thereby reducing the number of fat cells you have. With genuine fat loss, you may be more likely to maintain your slimmer results long term.

Post-Pregnancy Body Contouring

The miracle of pregnancy produces a beautiful baby but often leaves the mother’s body with stubborn fat. Even the happiest mother with several children is not likely to enjoy the fact that she has excess fat on her body. The struggle to fit into old jeans or feel sexy in a cocktail dress can end quickly by undergoing liposuction on your trouble areas. Stubborn fat can be permanently eliminated and youthful, pre-pregnancy body contours can be restored with this targeted body contouring procedure.

Confidence in Yourself and Your Body

When exercise and diet help you lose those last few pounds, you feel like a million dollars. There’s an intense satisfaction that comes from succeeding in reaching your goals. Perhaps because success is so rewarding, falling short can be devastating by comparison. If you are not careful, you can quickly lose your confidence and self-esteem. But when you have done all that you can, liposuction can come through for you in the end by helping you get rid of the last signs of stubborn fat. Your ultimate success in achieving the body shape you desire can help improve your self-image exponentially and boost your confidence.

Your Customized Liposuction With Dr. Thompson

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Thompson has expertise in determining if you are the right candidate for liposuction. During an extensive and detailed consultation, Dr. Thompson will get to know you and your needs. This will allow him to determine the best way to highlight your natural figure and tone your body shape, whether with liposuction or another plastic surgery procedure. Dr. Thompson will evaluate your medical history and figure and will make expert recommendations for you. As you share your desires and refer him to the areas you’d like to receive treatment, Dr. Thompson can create a customized plan for you.

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Power-assisted Liposuction (PAL)

  • Liposuction with the MicroAire PAL® System is performed using either general or local anesthesia.
  • A fluid is injected into the treatment area to numb it and shrink the blood vessels.
  • Incisions are placed in the treatment area so that a cannula (hollow tube) can be inserted for fat removal.
  • The electric console powers the handpiece to break up the fat.
  • The fat is then removed from the body through the cannula.
  • The number of incisions and length of treatment depends on the size and number of areas treated.
  • PAL® provides superior results in less time and with less intraoperative pain compared to traditional liposuction.

Natural Results Aimed at Transforming Your Body

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction

What are the most common areas treated with liposuction?

Liposuction can remove fat from almost anywhere on the body. With liposuction, you can have fat permanently removed from the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, back, chest, upper arms, and even below the chin.

What other procedures can be combined with liposuction?

Because liposuction does not remove or tighten loose or hanging skin, it is often combined with other plastic surgery procedures that do achieve skin tightening. These may include any of the following:

How much does liposuction cost?

Liposuction prices vary depending on the number of areas treated, the complexity of the treatment, and any additional procedures combined with the operation. Moreover, the fees associated with the surgeon, surgical facility, anesthesia, and anesthesiologist can all vary. Consult your surgeon to receive a personalized quote for your customized liposuction procedure.

Does liposuction cause scarring?

As with any surgical procedure, scarring will occur at the incision sites of a liposuction treatment. These scars will vary in size, shape, and severity depending on the area treated, and the amount of fat extracted. Some patients may develop scars that are small and concealed within the natural contours of the body. Other patients may have larger and more obvious scarring. In either case, patients should keep their healing incisions out of direct sunlight for at least six months to maximize healing and reduce the appearance of scar tissue.

Fortunately, as the incisions are so small, most liposuction patients do not experience severe scars following their procedure.

Who is the ideal liposuction candidate?

The ideal liposuction candidate can relate to the following:

  • Stubborn areas of fat in various areas of the body
  • Good skin elasticity; no loose, sagging skin
  • Healthy body weight
  • Does not smoke

If you’re not sure whether you are a candidate for liposuction, Dr. Thompson can help you decide which body contouring procedure is best for you.

Is liposuction the best body contouring procedure for me?

Liposuction is an excellent body contouring procedure for many patients. It can help you tone your trouble areas and give you the body shape you desire. However, whether it is the best body contouring procedure depends on your needs. This technique may be best for those with good skin elasticity who are prepared for surgery. On the other hand, if you are not a good candidate for traditional liposuction, you may need a non-surgical body contouring technique like CoolSculpting® or a minimally invasive liposuction technique like Smartlipo®. Likewise, if you have excess stretched skin, liposuction may not be best for you. You would benefit more from a body lift, tummy tuck, arm lift, or other body contouring surgery that offers both skin and fat removal.

Will I lose weight with liposuction?

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure; rather, it is ideal for those who have been unsuccessful in reducing the appearance of fat in particular areas through regular diet and exercise. The fat loss achieved with liposuction often gives the impression of having lost more weight than is removed, which is a far more desirable outcome than weight loss that fails to eliminate persistent fat.

What is recovery like after liposuction?

During your personal consultation with Dr. Thompson, he will discuss with you what you can expect during your recovery based on your individual treatment plan. Recovery after the procedure will depend on whether you underwent liposuction in the surgery center or Smartlipo® in our office. After liposuction, you will likely be instructed to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and to help your skin adhere to your new body contours. You should plan to reduce your activity and take time off from work for at least two weeks. Strenuous activity should be avoided for four to six weeks. For the best results and a shortest recovery time, be sure to follow your surgeon’s postoperative instructions.

Are there any side effects of liposuction?

As with any procedure, there are some risks involved with liposuction. Dr. Thompson will go over these with you and answer any questions you may have during your personal consultation and pre-operative appointment.

What results can I expect?

Liposuction can improve the contours of your body so that you can achieve your ideal figure. Results are typically long lasting. While the fat removal is permanent, it will not prevent you from gaining weight. Most patients who gain a significant amount of weight following liposuction surgery will likely see a change in their shape. Patients should follow a healthy diet and exercise routine to help successfully maintain their results.

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