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As we age, the production of natural proteins in our skin begins to slow, causing wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity.

While these age- and lifestyle-related skin concerns can make women and men self-conscious about their skin’s appearance, cosmetic procedures are available to help minimize (and even eliminate) these imperfections. One of the most effective skin tightening treatments is Sofwave™.

Dr. Rudolf Thompson offers Sofwave™ treatments in Colts Neck, New Jersey, to help patients achieve tighter skin and improved confidence.

Learn more about the benefits of Sofwave™ by calling Dr. Thompson’s office today at (732) 410-4789 or contact us through our website.

Are You a Candidate for Sofwave™?

If you are frustrated with age- or lifestyle-related issues on your face and neck, including fine lines and mild to moderate skin laxity, Sofwave™ may be the right treatment for you.

Ideal candidates:

  • Are non-smoking individuals
  • Are in good general health
  • Have mild to moderate skin laxity and wrinkles
  • Have realistic in their expectations for their results

Sofwave™ is safe and effective on all skin types and colors. At your consultation, Dr. Thompson will evaluate your skin to determine if Sofwave™ is the best treatment for you.

Patient Results

Why Choose Dr. Thompson for Your Sofwave™ Procedure?

Dr. Rudolf C. Thompson is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Central New Jersey. He and his skilled team at Thompson Center for Plastic Surgery offer state-of-the-art technologies and advanced methods to deliver excellent results in a safe and comfortable environment.

Thompson Center for Plastic Surgery is proud to add Sofwave™ to its wide variety of cosmetic procedures, including:

How Does Sofwave™ Work?

Sofwave™ utilizes Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam (SUPERB™) technology to stimulate the production of proteins (collagen and elastin), which results in tighter, firmer, more contoured skin.

While this treatment can be used on any area of the body where patients struggle with mild to moderate sagging skin (including the upper arms), the most common treatment locations include the face, eyebrows, neck, jawline, and submental area (under the chin).

Topical anesthesia may be applied before the treatment to minimize discomfort. Our skilled aesthetician will move the Sofwave™ handheld device over the treatment area(s) while ultrasound energy heats the mid-dermal layers of the skin to promote collagen and elastin production. Because Sofwave™ uses Sofcool™, the outer layer of skin is protected so that only the targeted layers are affected.

This treatment addresses skin concerns at their root, so you can look forward to noticeable improvements in as little as one treatment session. However, women and men with deeper wrinkles and moderate skin laxity may require additional sessions to achieve their desired results.

How Long Is Recovery After Sofwave™?

The Sofwave™ treatment only takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete, and no downtime is needed, making it the perfect lunchtime procedure.

While your treated skin may have some redness and tenderness after the treatment session, you can return to your normal, everyday activities, whether that be work, spending time with friends, or going shopping.

When Will I See My Sofwave™ Results?

You will be able to see improvement in the look and feel of your treated skin after one week; however, you will see continued improvements over the following 12 weeks as collagen and elastin production increases.

At this time, you can show off your beautiful skin with a confident smile, knowing that you look as good as you feel.

How Long Do Sofwave™ Results Last?

Sofwave™ results last up to 12 months for most patients. This is why we strongly recommend that our patients have annual maintenance treatments to ensure that they maintain their desired skin quality and appearance year-round. You can prolong your results by maintaining a good skincare routine, limiting direct sunlight, wearing sunscreen, eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and regularly exercising.

How Much Does Sofwave™ Cost in New Jersey?

As with any plastic surgery procedure or cosmetic treatment, the cost of Sofwave™ varies with each patient. This is because the overall price depends on the extent of correction needed, the number of treatment areas, and whether a patient needs one treatment or more.

You will be provided with a cost estimate for your treatment during your consultation at the Thompson Plastic Surgery Center.

Patient Results

Interested in Learning More About Sofwave™?

If you want to learn more about achieving younger-looking skin with Sofwave™, contact the Thompson Plastic Surgery Center team today at (732) 410-4789. Dr. Thompson provides Sofwave™ for patients in Colts Neck, New Jersey, and the greater Central New Jersey area.

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