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Get Rid of Gynecomastia

Posted January 09, 2018 in Gynecomastia

Muscular manHaving enlarged male breasts can be both disheartening and painful. Similar to female breasts, enlarged male breasts consist of excess fat or glandular breast tissue found in one or both breasts. This is a condition known as gynecomastia, and while this can occur at any age, it is most often brought on by increased hormone production (such as puberty), or the use of steroids, which convert to estrogen-like compounds in the body. Additional causes for this condition include genetics and sudden weight gain. Unfortunately, even though gynecomastia is characterized by excess fat in the breast area, exercise (no matter if it is cardio or weight training) will not reduce this fat, and the only option is surgery. While this may sound daunting, gynecomastia surgery successfully, and in most cases permanently, reverses this issue and leaves you with much more than just a flatter chest.

A Masculine Physique

Gynecomastia surgery sculpts the chest area through a combination of liposuction and excision techniques to rid you of excess fat and breast tissue. This procedure leaves you with a firmer, sculpted, and more masculine contour—no gym required.

Less Pain

Having gynecomastia not only causes you emotional distress, but it can also increase physical discomfort. The strain placed on men with enlarged breasts can make exercises, such as running and sports, more difficult. And over time, this excess fat and breast tissue can even negatively impact posture and alignment. Gynecomastia surgery allows you to take control, participate more, and leave that unwanted discomfort behind.


For most men, gynecomastia takes the hardest hit on their confidence and self-esteem. This condition may make you uncomfortable in both social and intimate settings. It may make you feel embarrassed about wearing certain types of clothing or participating in shirtless beach and poolside activities. Gynecomastia occurs in men everywhere, and in many cases, it is no fault of your own. There’s no reason why an unfortunate roll of the dice should disrupt anyone’s confidence and well-being.

In women, having larger breasts is a symbol of femininity and sensuality; this doesn’t ring true for men. Gynecomastia isn’t something that needs to be accepted. If you are embarrassed, irritated, or discomforted by this condition, gynecomastia surgery can allow you to improve both your contour and your confidence.

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