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VECTRA® 3D Imaging in New Jersey

Posted November 23, 2020 in vectra, vectra 3d imaging

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One of the biggest fears that most potential plastic surgery patients have before their surgery revolves around the uncertainty of their final results. 

Plastic surgeons spend vast amounts of time and effort explaining the effects of procedures on their physique and appearance to patients. Even so, patients often find it hard to grasp what they will look like after a cosmetic procedure. 

Before and after pictures can help, and patients often have pictures to show doctors what they want, but such methods are often imprecise. Fortunately, VECTRA® 3D Imaging is now available to solve these issues and remove the uncertainty surrounding plastic surgery results. 

Multi-angle view of a young woman wearing a black bra.

What Is VECTRA® 3D Imaging?

VECTRA® 3D Imaging is a standalone system that uses 3D modeling software to create detailed 3D models of patients. It works by taking a series of two-dimensional pictures of the patient from multiple angles and combines them to form a highly accurate 3D model of the patient’s body. 

After the model is created, it can be modified to show many of the most popular plastic surgery procedures’ projected results. This allows surgeons and patients to plan for and see the effects of a procedure before the surgery. 

When Should VECTRA® 3D Imaging Be Used?

VECTRA® 3D Imaging is most effective when projecting plastic surgery results that will have significant but difficult to visualize effects on a patient. The most common use is to predict the appearance of breasts following breast augmentation surgery. 3D imaging allows patients and doctors to virtually test different implant sizes and styles to match their desired aesthetic. 

Best of all, this process is quick and painless. 

A woman picking out a silicone breast implant after seeing a Vectra simulation.

VECTRA® 3D Imaging can also be used to predict the results of tummy tuck surgery or a Mommy Makeover operation. These projections can help determine the degree of correction the patient desires and assist surgeons in determining the ideal way to perform such operations. 

How Accurate Are VECTRA® 3D Simulations in New Jersey? 

VECTRA® 3D Imaging is highly accurate. The VECTRA® 3D models are incredibly precise, allowing surgeons to observe details of the patient’s appearance down to individual pores. The software that simulates the effects of plastic surgery procedures is also highly accurate and is based on surgical techniques used by most plastic surgeons. 

This means that most patients can feel comfortable knowing what their results will be. 

Do You Have More Questions About VECTRA® 3D Imaging?

If you are curious about what you would look like after cosmetic surgery, VECTRA® 3D Imaging can provide a low-cost painless way to see your results before surgery occurs. If you would like more information about VECTRA® 3D Imaging or want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson, please call our office at 723-410-4789.

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