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How Can CoolTone™ Help You Gain Muscle?

Posted November 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

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For years, CoolSculpting® has reduced unwanted fat in men and women’s abdomens, thighs, flanks, and buttocks. 

Now, the makers of CoolSculpting® are not only offering a way to remove unwanted fat but also a way to tighten and tone the muscles.

CoolTone™ technology allows men and women to sculpt and define abdominal muscles without needing to work out.
CoolTone™ technology allows men and women to sculpt and define abdominal muscles without needing to work out.

Dr. Thompson is proud to offer CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting® to his patients in Colts Neck and the Central New Jersey area.

What Is CoolTone™?

Unfortunately, even if you sweat it out at the gym every day, you may never see the results that you want. 

Even with dedication and sweat, developing muscles is never as easy as you want to believe it is. 

CoolTone™ offers relief for patients struggling with this. 

CoolTone™ is a non-surgical treatment that uses magnetic muscle stimulation to build, strengthen, and define muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.  

If you are tired of not achieving the musculature you desire, contact Dr. Thompson to see if you are a candidate for CoolTone™ by calling our offices at (732) 410-4789.

How Can CoolTone™ Build Your Muscle?

While the ability to build abdominal muscles without doing sit-ups, weight training, or cardio may sound too good to be true, that reality is closer and easier than you think. 

The concept of magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) is not new. It has been around for years, helping men and women develop and enhance the appearance of their muscles. 

What the makers of CoolSculpting® have done is revolutionize the process so that CoolTone™ provides 50 percent more magnetic intensity than its competitors. 

This increase allows for unparalleled improvement in muscle definition. 

CoolTone™ is FDA-approved for toning, firming, and strengthening of the abdominal, buttocks, and thigh muscles.

How Is CoolTone™ Administered?

  1. The CoolTone™ applicator is placed over the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs.
  2. Magnetic pulses penetrate through the layers of skin and fat to target the muscle layer.
  3. The magnetic current induces involuntary muscle contractions that are far more powerful than what is experienced in a traditional or strenuous workout.
  4. Your body reacts to these contractions by strengthening muscle fibers.
  5. The strengthening of these fibers allows for the definition of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

What Should You Know About CoolTone™?

CoolTone™ offers pain-free body sculpting in quick, 30-minute treatment sessions. While patients will start to see their results soon after their first CoolTone™ session, repeated treatments may be necessary to reach optimal potential.

This procedure is safe and relatively painless; patients may feel as though they have experienced an intense workout.  

While uncommon, temporary side effects can include:

  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Joint or tendon pain 
  • Skin redness
  • Local erythema

Should You Combine CoolSculpting® With CoolTone™?

As the makers of CoolSculpting® created CoolTone™, it should not be surprising that these treatments can highlight the results of the other.

Before and after image showing the results of CoolSculpting® performed by Dr. Rudolf Thompson in Colts Neck, NJ.

CoolSculpting® reduces unwanted fat by selectively targeting and cooling the fat cells through patented cooling technology.

This technology singles out and eliminates fat cells without harming the surrounding cells. 

The result is a noticeable reduction of fat in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks with little to no discomfort and no extended hours spent at the gym.

Interested in Learning More?

If you think that you may be a candidate for CoolTone™ or CoolSculpting, contact Dr. Thompson at the Thompson Center for Plastic Surgery by filling out our online contact form

Dr. Thompson offers CoolTone™ and CoolSculpting® for patients in Colts Neck, Freehold, and the surrounding New Jersey areas.

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